MacBook – swollen battery

I have previously written about my numerous problems with my white MacBook, which I purchased in August 2007.

For instance:

  • the fan roared like a truck
  • the audio out port shone with a red light and thought that I had plugged in an optical device (which I had not), which turned of all sounds from the internal speaker
  • the chassi cracked(!)
  • the color wheel of death appeared every now and then, freezing the computer
  • the computer stopped waking up from sleep
  • the computer stopped recognizing my hard drive and displayed a ? when booting up

Fortunately, I had documented all these problems with pictures and videos and written a long issue report, which I intended to give to the reseller (in hope of a replacement computer). When the last problem occured, I was very glad that I had taken this step. The support person I gave the computer to doubted that I would get the errors accepted as a reclamation, but when I handed him the report, he said that it improved my chances drastically.

And so it did…obviously, since I got the computed repaired. After that, it has worked like a charm…

…until the battery swelled.

I did not notice it at first, but after a slight bump in the battery, things quickly became worse, and before I knew it, the battery stood out quite a bit from the computer. Apple did NOT accept this complaint, so I had to buy a new battery. Luckily, I found a reseller that sold unofficial batteries.

Still…(suprised that the problems keep washing over me?)…the new battery did not work as I had hoped. I will write about this in the next entry…the green/orange color toggle problem.