MagSafe toggles green/orange

In my last entry, I wrote about all my problems with my MacBook (strangely though, this computer is by far the best I’ve ever had…which says a LOT about PC:s 🙂

The last problem in the long list was that my battery swelled and had to be replaced. So, instead of buying a new Apple battery for about $190, I found a web site that sold “unofficial” batteries for almost half the price. Nice!

After installing the new batteri and calibrating it, I was confused to see that my MagSafe adapter started to toggle between orange (loading) and green (loaded) although the battery IS fully loaded. The indicator reaches 100%, drops to 99% and goes on like this…on and on. So, I received a replacement battery and installed and calibrated it, but the problem remained.

The way I thought, the problem could be either:

  • The replacement battery (two in a row = unlikely)
  • The battery together with my computer model
  • My MagSafe adapter
  • My computer’s battery connection (due to the swollen battery)

However, if my battery would be loose, it would not be able to load…so…strike out the last alternative.

To investigate this further, I took my computer to a friend of mine and installed the battery in her MacBook, where it worked like a charm…see below:

  • Her computer, MagSafe and battery = OK
  • Her computer and battery, but MY MagSafe = OK
  • Her computer, but my battery and MagSafe = OK

So, this did not seem so promising…but when I re-installed the battery into MY computer, using MY MagSafe…it suddenly worked! Baffled (yet lucky), I returned home, where everything continued to work…

…for a while. After two hours or so, the indicator started to blink once again! It still does so, so I am once again stuck with a MacBook component that does not work.

If we boil this down to a summary, the battery seems OK, since it worked in my friend’s computer. However, so did the MagSafe, but…….is it possible that the MagSafe is damaged and that it happened to be “not loose” when I tried it out at my friend’s place?

I will call another friend and ask him to come over with his MagSafe. If it works, it seems like I have to go to the place where I bought my computer and keep on struggling with this odd odd ODD MacBook example.