Visual NUnit 2010

At work, I have a license for ReSharper, which is a really nice piece of software. Besides providing a lot of handy shortcuts and extensions to the Visual Studio environment, it also integrates NUnit in a very convenient way.

At home, however, I have no ReSharper license and really see no point in installing it. One thing I really miss, though, is the NUnit integration. Sure, I can add NUnit as an external tool, but it’s not really smooth to work with (in my opinion).

Today, I found the Visual NUnit 2010 extension for Visual Studio, which provides a nice NUnit view that is embedded within Visual Studio.

Visual NUnit 2010 can be downloaded here:

After installing Visual NUnit, you will find the Visual NUnit view under the View/Other views menu alternative. If you do, you are good to go.

To make things even smoother, I pinned the Visual NUnit view to the bottom of Visual Stuio, which makes it instantly available as soon as I want to run my tests.