SimpleTest – Test Driven Development in PHP

In my daily work, working with .NET/C#, I love the way TDD and NUnit simplifies my work and allows me to focus on implementation instead of worrying about whether or not my new code will break anything already existing.

When I develop PHP applications at home, however, I have not previously had any natural way of testing my code, since I have not had any good tool for testing my PHP code…and have not really put any effort into finding any such tool either.

Today, however, this has changed. After starting developing Wigbi 1.0.0, I decided to browse the web and instantly found my dream tool – SimpleTest (can be downloaded at

It took me less than 5 minutes to download SimpleTest and use it to run my first test. It is simple (duh) and plain fantastic. If you are not into TDD, I strongly advice you to try it out…test is bliss.