Infragistics – not that TDD friendly

I am currently working with cleaning up a WPF application that is tightly connected to Infragistics UI components. I am SOLIDifying, Dependency Injecting, IoC:ing and all those high fashion stuff. Does that turn me into a state-of-the-art developer? Time will tell 🙂

However, since no unit tests existed when I took over responsibility for the solution, I decided to take the opportunity to wrap all code that I am rewriting in unit tests. Sadly, Infragistics does not seem to want you to test functionality that is based on their classes, since almost every class that I’ve come across so far has been internal. No public constructors, no interfaces…nothing.

To work around the problem, I am currently wrapping everything within facade classes as well. It feels cheap and gives me a looot of additional work, but when I am done, I will at least have a shot at becoming the Joel Abrahamsson of the Infragistics universe. Not bloody likely, I know, but at least, I will probably put the resulting facade classes up for download.