Slow iMac about to be fixed?

I have been having a world of pain with my iMac 27″ (4GB RAM), on which I run Windows 7 on a Boot Camp Partition (using VMWare Fusion). It’s basically the same setup as I have on my MBP (which has 8GB RAM though), with the minor difference that the MBP is fast as lightning and the iMac is slow as HELL!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do not expect the iMac to be lightning fast when running both OS X and Win 7 with 2GB each, but you have to experience my iMac to know what I’m talking about. Basically, the HDD reads and writes a lot…all the time. Sometimes, it starts hammering the disc like crazy, during which the computer goes into slowmo.

And…it does not matter whether or not VMWare is running – it’s dead slow anyway. Despite all my communication with various Mac Stores and Apple Support, no one has been able to help me…

…until tonight, thanks to the people at

The key concept here is that Boot Camp + Spotlight can go no no, causing Spotlight to constantly indexing the Boot Camp partition. I am almost certain (99% give or take) that this is what has been causing the slowmotion behavior for me as well.

When I rebooted my computer, the disc was going crazy from start, as usual. As soon as I added the Boot Camp partition to the no-indexing list in Spotlight, the disk went quiet and the computer has been working SOOOO good since then. The Boot Camp exclude gets reset when I restart my computer, but I will follow the root folder file advice in the discussion and see if it helps.

So, if anyone of the brave forum members at reads this – thank you sooo much! You may just have ended six months of daily frustration 🙂