Mellon! is out on the App Store

It has taken me a great while, but now I’ve finally managed to get my act together and get my first app out on App Store. The app is called Mellon! (can you guess why??) and is an app that lets you store door codes by location.

When you are near a door, just open Mellon! to get the door code. It is an easy and a safe solution to connect door codes to their location. You can store codes temporarily and bind them to their location once you arrive. You can also share door codes with your friends.

It’s a quite basic app, but imo quite functional. For instance, imagine having a party and just having to share your door code with all your guests ONCE by e-mail or SMS, instead of having to answer the phone the whole evening.

I have had the idea for so long, but it required a focused Creative Hack event at C9 to make me realize it together with great colleagues.

Grab the app at