How to handle BadImageFormatException in NUnit

While I have been developing the new version of my hobby project in .NET, everything has been working great all along…until now. Apparently, NUnit thinks that there is something wrong with one of my assemblies:


So far, this assembly only contains two classes, so the easiest option would be to just delete it and create a new project and hope for the best…but, I have this thing for wanting to know what is causing this problem.

However, my ambitions were laid to rest, since deleting the two projects and re-adding the classes solved all my problems.  I would have posted a solution here, but now we’ll never know what caused this problem in the first place.

Or won’t we?

After writing this blog post, Mikey posted a comment that pointed me in the right direction. I must have disabled one architecture, causing the test project to fail when using the project.

Thanks Mikey!