How to print screen in BootCamp using the Apple keyboard

I have decided to go wild and boot my computer in BootCamp, instead of running Windows under VMWare Fusion. I do it occasionally, I admit, skipping the OS X core to benefit from the wonders of GB of RAM, instead of having to share it with OS X.

Greed is good.

However, doing Windows with an Apple bluetooth keyboard, without being able to use some OS X keyboard shortcuts, can sometimes be a bit frustrating.

Today, for instance, I had to take a screen dump. No OS X keyboard shortcut. No print screen button. I was at a total loss, despite all blog posts that spoke about the Shift+Fn+F11 combination. It did not work for me, because I had this option enabled:

Screen dump

With this option enabled, neither Shift+Fn+F11 or Shift+F11 work to print screen

Before you rule me out as a no-brainer, I naturally tried to press Shift+F11 without the Fn key, but that did not work either.

What did work, however, was:

  • Uncheck the checkbox above
  • Press Shift+Fn+F11
  • Enjoy your screen dump in any way you like
  • Re-check the checkbox above
It’s a bit of a pain, yes. Any suggestions? Having to press the Fn-key every time I have to press an F-key is not an option.