Am I writing bad tests?

To grow as a developer, there is nothing as good as opening up your guard and invite others to criticize your potential flaws…as well as reading a book every now and then.

In real life, you have to be a pragmatic programmer (provided that you are, in fact, a programmer) and do what is “best” for the project, even if that means getting a project released instead of developing it to the point of perfection.

In hobby projects, however, I more than often find myself reaching for this very perfection.

(Note: My earlier attempts to reach perfection involved having separate, standardized regions for variables, properties, methods, constructors etc. as well as writing comments for all public members of every class. I was ruthlessly beaten out of this bad behavior by!/nahojd – who has my eternal gratitude)

Now, I suspect that I have become trapped in another bad behavior – the unit test everything trap. At its worst, I may not even be writing unit tests, so I invite all readers to comment on if I am out on a bad streak here.

The standard setup

In the standard setup, I have:

  • IGroupInviteService – the interface for the service has several methods, e.g. AcceptInvite and CreateInvite.
  • GroupInviteService – a standard implementation of IGroupInviteService that handles the core processes, with no extra addons.
  • GroupInviteServiceBehavior – a test class that tests every little part of the standard implementation.

This setup works great. It is the extended e-mail setup below that leaves me a bit suspicious.

The extended e-mail setup

In the extended e-mail sending setup, I have:

  • EmailSendingGroupInviteService – facades any IGroupInviteService and sends out an e-mail when an invite is created.
  • EmailSendingGroupInviteServiceBehavior – a test class that…well, that is the problem.

The EmailSendingGroupInviteService class

Before moving on, let’s take a look at how the EmailSendingGroupInviteService class is implemented.

Code for parts of the e-mail sending implementation.

As you can see, the e-mail sending part is not yet developed 😉

As you also can see, the methods only call the base instance. Now, let’s look at some tests.

The EmailSendingGroupInviteServiceBehavior class

Let’s take a look at some of the EmailSendingGroupInviteServiceBehavior tests.

Image showin parts of the test class

As you can see, all that I can test is that the base instance is called properly, and that the base instance result is returned.


Testing the decorator class like this is really time-consuming, and for each new method I add, I have to write more of these tests for each decorator class. That could become a lot of useless tests.

Well, the tests are not useless…they are just…well…I just hate having to write them 🙂

So, this raises my final question:

  • Would it not be better to only test the stuff that differ? In this case, only keep CreateInvite_ShouldSendEmail
Let me know what you think