Kick-starting 2012

Last year ended in a downhill slope, didn’t it? With me moving to a new apartement in the beginning of December, after planning for and celebrating the birthday of both my oldest daughter and my wife in the end of November and also preparing for the Christmas holiday, not much time was left for blogging.

So, for those of you spending the entire New Year’s Eve refreshing the start page of my immensely popular blog (eh), sorry for not producing!

However, I will kick-start this new year with a…rather short and pointless post about not that much. Instead, I will just sum up what I will write about shortly, to try to tempt you into returning in a couple of days:

  • Øredev 2011 – Sure, this is pathetic, summing it up after such a long time…but I will complete it! Look at it as some kind of new year’s resolution.
  • TeamCity – …or, at least, my take on it, with multiple builds, passing params into the boo script etc. etc.
  • VS Config transforms – …and how you can use them for all your config files (with and without SlowCheetah)
  • Wigbi 2.0.0 – I am doing a quick SOLIDification of the Wigbi source and will soon be done. I will blog about the progress so far.

So, keep coming back. In the mean time, stroll down memory lane and take a look at what I have written earlier…then visualize how much better my writings and topics will be in 2012…then let me know how I can get there.