Remove gloss effect for iOS app icon

There is a really easy alternativ to this approach. The property list approach still work, but if you select the project root (the topmost one with the blue icon in the project navigator) and select the “Summary” tab, the iPhone and iPad icons can be set. Check the “Prerendered” box to disable the automatic glow effect.

After a long time away, I started looking at iOS development once again…great fun.

However, less fun and really unintuitive is how you remove the “gloss” effect for your application icon.

This is how you do it:

  • Right-click your application Info.plist file.
  • Select “Open As / Source Code”
  • Add the following two lines anywhere (I add them after <key>CFBundleIconFiles</key><array/>):

Voilá – you’re done!

This must be one of the most hidden features I have ever come across. Does anyone know another way to do this?